Baby-sitting rates

What’s the going rate to have a teenager sit in your home while the 3 year old is in bed so that they can call you in case the kid wakes up? In Basel if it makes a difference?

Does the teenager have a paper from the Swiss Red Cross?

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The recommendation from the Red Cross is 1chf per year of age per hour so a fourteen year old gets 14chf per hour and a 16 year old gets 16chf per hour.
Having the Red Cross qualification doesn’t really affect the hourly rate but it makes the kid more attractive to ‘employ’ for some parents.


My daughter who is 15 and has the red cross charges 15 CHF/Hr in Zurich city and is very happy to have WiFi access (in case she babysits babies who go to sleep early and hence she needs to sit there and wait for the parents.).