Backup of the Naturalization thread

A few people have asked me about this, so I’m posting here.

sichuan kindly made a back-up of the very long old naturalization thread. You can find his post and link to the backup here in case you’re trying to find a specific bit of information in there.

We’re working on getting this old thread imported into this forum, but there are a few hurdles to be figured out before we are able to do that.


Thanks for your effort! Hopefully you’ll manage to import it.
The link doesn’t seem to work though

I cannot access link, is it possible to make it accessible?

Hi there:) How are we going with the restoration of this thread? Feels like it was the most popular…

It is done: Normal Naturalisation - applicant diary


Phil, hats off to you. Not only have you managed to move that entire thread, but I also saw a multitude of other pre-Swissforum threads start popping up when I did a search for my local area yesterday :clap:

great stuff, thanks! bravo

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