Best methods to find monthly rental

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We are coming back to Switzerland (Brit married to Swiss citizen) and it seems that Zurich canton requires an unlimited lease to be signed before granting the permit.

We are looking into monthly rentals that have no end date to meet this requirement. We are looking in the German speaking cantons ideally less than 2 hours by public transport from Zurich.

Does anyone know of any good websites that specialise in these? Homegate is not great as I can filter by furnished but not by monthly. Airbnb is out as it doesn’t count as a lease.

Thanks all, really appreciate your help!

Not sure about specialisation, but

For private rentals, i.e not through an agency

Hi Harry,
I’m a little confused by your reference to “the permit” and “no end date on rental contracts”,
As your spouse is Swiss there should be no problem for you and, as a couple, can rent anywhere - if you can find anything.
My recommendation is that your Swiss wife makes enquiries through friends and family here about accommodation (vitamin B)…

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I echo what AbFab said. You can be in a temporary accomodation, that should not be an issue. It’s more than at times they frown for Airbnb but not if you are Swiss.

It will be a family reunification permit - does the Swiss spouse not have to show suitable accommodation and income?

It’s not family reunification. They are married. She is Swiss. Therefore there is no question of special permits.He will likely get a B permit…

Besides the Haut Valais is there any German Speaking area not within 2 hours of Zurich?

Edired to add. Zurich - Brig is 2h9 …

Also look here

These gave me open-ended contract with 1 month cancellation, which was both convenient and fulfilling the registration/permit requirements.

Citypop is a new player, but I don’t know if they offer open-ended contracts