Best Online Broker

What is the best online broker these days?

Looking for stocks, options, and hopefully US ETF's but I think those are banned in Europe now? For example, SPY, SMH.

Looking for a very low fee broker as commissions in US are $0.00 now and brokers make money by paying for order flow. But still saves consumer a lot more than paying $10/$15 etc.


Interactive Brokers still the cheapest? Any newcomers?


In CH still available.

And no better than IBKR yet, correct.

ok that's awesome news on the ETF's.

BITO is a great new Bitcoin futures ETF

just in case anyone else reading this to make sure there's no Interactive Broker alternatives at low fees?

I mean charging $15 per trade that's like 10 years or more ago but the Swiss never change. Always finding a way to charge a fee.


Is IBKR providing tax docs to Swiss residents by the end of a year? In the format convenient for us?

You can get the annual report in whichever detail you like (listing trades, dividends, withheld taxes etc.).

It's been working without issues for years in several cantons, just attach it to the tax report.

Does IBKR provide an "eSteuerauszug"?

anyone here using IB?

for sure you can trade ETF's like SPY, QQQ, even leveraged ETF's like TQQQ? SPXL?


Sector ETF's are awesome too like SOXL

I am using IBKR. Tax consultant has no issue with the reports that IBKR provides.


You can open a paper account and play around, see what's available.

@rainer_d: No, they don't (not a CH-based broker).

I put 1 line for all equity, write total amount end of year, total and withheld dividends, and just attach the full/partial report with it.

(I don't list all individual trades and div dates; tax authorities have been accepting it in multiple cantons that way - easier for me, easier for them I guess )

No problem with the IB report here as well. At the end of the year, I print out the pdf report and my accountant submits it as it is.

By the way, this report seems a lot more professional than my declaration of crypto assets held in private wallets (which are very minimal anyway). I just create an excel table with the asset, the quantity, the price on the 31st of December and the value and that's it, I did not have a problem with the Zurich tax authorities...