Best site for flights?

Been a while since I went to the US (12 years), so wondering what are the best sites for ZRH to NYC or Boston?



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I use this website to check the possibilities:


You’ll probably get a good deal from another European airport. Amsterdam, for example.

Jacksflightclub had a deal amsterdam - boston for 278 euros return

They are owned by google and provide them the software for google flight searches. But this site doesn’t collect (and sell-on) your details or your searches.

It hasn’t been updated for quite a while but still is one of the best tools for finding options. It can be a little complex to use, but is well worth it. It is my goto site when planning a trip.

Tom, Try using the Swiss web-site or app. It should be able to give you flights including FFS train connections for an inclusive price. Just put in your nearest major rail station as your origin. The train journey doesn’t have to start there, but can begin an any point intermediate using any GA connection. For example we can buy tickets from Geneva and use the bus from our village to Nyon then train to ZRH.

If your looking for the cheapest flights those likely would involve an additional connection (other than at Milan/Zurich) such as via LHR (BA), AMS (KL), etc.


It may also be worth checking prices using a vpn

Thanks, I figure train from Lugano (bus from home) to avoid parking for three weeks. Other wise drive to MXP and park and fly from there.

I’m not sure this is actually a thing (any more). What you might be seeing using a VPN is a flight calculated in a different currency (with the wrong exchange rate) or a special fare for residents. However once you go through the booking process and enter your details, you will get the same fare as your home country. Clearing your cookies or booking using a different IP address (e.g. your phone) seems to be another urban myth that may have existed a few years ago, but not anymore.

The best way to save is using Google Flights, Kayak etc…


Think I used when we last went to the States in 2019. Mind you we flew from Heathrow to Boston and back again as we had a week in Boston and then a couple of weeks in the UK.

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I’ve used them in the past!


Regardless of where you search for flights, always book direct with the airline. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to be trying to sort it out with a 3rd party.



Less about trying to save, and more about organizing it, which makes Bowlies suggestion a good idea, as I would prefer to not have to find somewhere to leave the car for three weeks!

I might think about getting a dual sim phone with esim, however. Ideas?

That’s not always possible. But if you have to book through an agency insist the agency gives you the record locator for your booking. Then call the airline and give them your contact details. Then in case of delay or cancellation the airline can contact you directly.

Do it yourself, don’t trustthe agent to do it.

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For voice calls I’ve found that a roaming package from my provider (Wingo) works at a reasonable price. But for data I use They can provide you with an esim and there prices are very good.

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For a flight from Switzerland to JFK or Boston, one should be able to book directly with an airline. Depending on where you want to go and what you want to do, other nearby airports might also suit (IAD, LGA, EWR, etc.)

We use Kayak to find flights, mostly because it allows searches with multiple airports and +/-3 days both directions. We then book directly with the airline, even if it’s a few bucks more.


Another site we check somewhat regularly is The site publishes error fares as well as deals that users have found and sales being promoted by airlines or travel agencies. It’s hit-and-miss as to whether the dates work out on a lot of these deals, but it has worked for us in the past.

This one might be of interest to you @st2lemans


My two go to apps for roaming esims are Airalo and Holafly. They sometimes use different host country networks so have different deals e.g. Airalo was offering uncompetitive per/GB deals for my week in Dubai but Holafly had an unlimited data esim.

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I had asked on EF a few years ago and Airalo was the one I chose based on the recommendations then. I used Airalo successfully in the U.S. and have recommended them to others traveling to the U.S. who were also pleased with the service.

We used Booking to book our flight last week and got a great price. We got a Smart fare (with cabin bags, hold luggage and seat reservations included) for much better price than the airline website asked for a Basic fare.

Yeah I think you are right but after CoVid I got very worried about booking via third parties and don’t want to do it anymore.

Recently we and friends got really good deals to fly to Asia via Helsinki with Finnair, almost 40% off compared to Swiss for flights to Singapore - and given I now need to pay 4 adults since the kids are old, it was a lot of money.