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Hello all, saturday 23.03.24 i will have an eye surgery (transPRK), done by betterview… on google review is really rated good, too good for my taste. I went there (Lugano) and they seemed very professional. Now… i wanted to ask if anybody had or knows someone that did an eye operation from them amd how it went, im not interested in other clinics, i want to know only from betterview. Thank you very much!

Bit late to chicken out now, isn’t it?

Whelp, by now you will have found out.

Maybe they mean this coming Saturday since I doubt the place would be open past 5pm and they posted around 7.30pm.

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I still didn’t paid :sweat_smile:

I had mine done (Trans Prk) with Betterview in Lucerne last September. The process was very smooth and there were no issues. Most of your appointments will be with the optometrist, you only get to meet the surgeon on the day of the surgery since they often travel between clinics and will schedule all the operations on 1 or 2 days. Ask the clinic about the model and generation of laser they use, mine was Alcon and it was newly installed.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I wouldn’t trust google reviews for my cat litter