bike case (to take on the plane)

I need to buy 2 bike cases (the ones you use to fly your bike somewhere).

Anyone have one for sale?

I have flown countless times with my bike and am married to a pro bike mechanic. We both swear by travelling with cardboard bike boxes which you can get for free from most bike shops. The advantages are multiple:

You only need to remove the front wheel, pedals, and saddle, then rotate the handlebars 90° to fit your bike into the box. Re-assembly of your bike takes literal minutes. With a bike case there is much more disassembly and assembly required, which is especially problematic if you're not mechanically inclined. Carboard boxes are bigger, but airlines charge one price regardless of the size of the box.

Cardboard boxes can be flattened for storage and re-built using packing tape. Hardcover cases are much more bulky and you might have more trouble storing it during the duration of your trip.

Cardboard boxes can be obtained for free, travel cases are very expensive.

There is quite a lot of extra space in a bike box that you can use to transport bulky items or cycling accessories (paniers, pump shoes etc.).

If you are doing a one-way trip you can simply dispose of a cardboard box with cardboard recycling.

So in conclusion, ask nicely at your local bike shop for some boxes and invest in a roll of packing tape. Way simpler and much cheaper than purpose-built cases. And also remember to let the air out of your tires before travelling, otherwise they can explode on the plane.

From LX’s website.…orts-equipment

I have traveled with the Evoc bike bag. It’s a joy to pull the 20+ kg bag on wheels on the streets, train station, airport and wherever you are at your destination.

Right now there’s one on sale on velomarkt…ttasche-240440

And another one on travildevils…8e08dbed17e827

They’re also rented at 40-50 francs per week.