Can a ZVV multi ride pass expiry date be extended?

I’m guessing I know the answer, but before throwing away an expensive ticket...

I just noticed that ZVV multi ride all zone tickets now have an expiry date. (Shows how infrequently I travel.) Mine will expire soon, before I have a chance to use them.

Is it possible to have unused multi ride tickets extended? Or are these now just book marks?

Many thanks.

I wouldn't recommend using it if it'd already expired (but I'm sure that's not what you intended, anyway).

To your question: I once had exactly your situation. I went into a sales point and they took in the old multi-ticket and cancelled it, and reissued me with a new one. As mine was old, they used that old tarif for the caluclation and I had to pay in the difference, but was glad to do so. However, this was many years ago, and I don't know whether it'd still work. Computer might say "no". It's surely worth trying, I'd think. Take your ID along, just in case, possibly also SwissCard, if you have one.…q/refunds.html

If still valid, you can give them back and you get reimbursed.

Though it seems only for monthly and annual and not multi-use ones. I think until a year ago or so they did not print any expiry date. At least I used to have multi use tickets without any expiry date and was surprised to see the new practice.

It‘s been longer I think. I think they started this 1 or 2 years ago (for the multi tickets).

As far as I remember, an expiry date first appeared on multiple journey tickets about 5 years ago. First the validity was longer, like 3 years, I think, but recently they've reduced it to only 1 year.

It seems if you do not read to the end where it says:

And computer says... Yes!

Went to the station in person. Exchange for new multi ride tickets no problem. The nice gentleman even gave me a choice of new tickets good for another year or refund.

Surprised - and delighted - at how easy this was. And very happy not to throw a couple hundred Chuffs out the window.

Thanks for your help, one and all.

Yay! Well done. And thanks for letting us know.