Can the highway vignette be partially covered?

So I have a funny question!

I just noticed that my car's 2024 vignette (still physical - dealer installed it on newly bought car) is not fully visible from outside. He installed the sticker on middle top of the windscreen, where there are some checker patterns (for a sensor maybe?) and hence the checker patterns cut it diagonally almost in half. A human can somehow read 24 still, but a computer/camera may have difficulty :/

Now, is this ok like this? I want to think that the dealer knew what he was doing, as it's literally his job But if not, I can still buy the e-vignette. The car has no 2023 vignette as I got it in December.

By the way, I have already been to highway :| Are vignettes checked with cameras or by police officers? (This has actually been my question since long time ago)

Many thanks

I think it’s probably the police who check, though I don’t know how it’s going to work with the new electronic vignettes. But we can always at the beginning of February see police waiting at an entrance to the motorway where it’s quite clear the motorway is the only place you could be going to - so why don’t you have your new vignette sir/madam?

When they introduced the e-vignette I thought it must be checked by cameras/readers, in the sense that if you don't have the sticker attached the system would look up your number plate and find out whether or not you bought the e-version for your car, but to do so the system has to recognize first that you don't have a sticker attached! Because when you buy the physical sticker there is no registry for this purchase as there is for the e-vignette, so somehow they must be able to (see/detect) if there is a sticker on the windshield or not, otherwise those without vignette at all can carry on with the assumption that they have the e-version!

Now whether this is really how it works or the system is built on trust and only be checked randomly by an officer (like many other things in Switzerland) I have no idea, I can only speculate!

Regarding the question of the visibility, I tend to believe that this tented pattern you are talking about won't hinder the visibility/detection of the sticker, but again another speculation!


i dont think it needs to be visible at all, I have seen motorcycles where they have it below the seat (not visible from front) and in the horse trailer I have friends who have installed it inside of the trailer. You just have to be able to show that it is firmly stuck somewhere on the vehicle (so that you cannot remove it and use it for another vehicle). Not sure about the law but if they cant see it they can stop you and if you show it, it should be ok (happened to my friend).

hmm. I understood that they use cameras to scan it. But apparently not.

In Austria yes (although I don't know how they tell if a 10 day one is still valid given how small those punch holes are). But not here AFAIK.

It actually must be visible… “The vignette must be stuck to the inside of the windscreen and must be clearly visible. In the case of vehicles without windows, such as trailers, the vignette must be affixed to a clearly visible part of the vehicle that cannot be removed”.…eed-a-vignette

About 6 years ago I was stopped by a police roadblock (where they were checking vignettes) on the 1 February - I was about to blurt out "but I have my vignette" when he leaned in and pointed to the darker shading at the top of my windscreen and said "your vignette needs to be below this so it can be clearly seen". He advised me to try carefully to move it or get a new one. I managed to move it

They were out in force today at the highway exits!


Any idea how they were controlling for e-vignettes?

Same procedure as every year, James.

Though this time might be the last one, with the electronic vignettes.