Car accident during naturalisation

Dear all,

I have had a car accident yesterday and the lady hitting my from the behind admitted that she was responsible for the accident.

As far as I know during the naturalisation process the ongoing cases and police reports are being checked.

Does anybody know if this case would be slowing or affecting my naturalization?


Off course not. Even if they did, you were hit from behind. So not your fault anyway.

The "even if they did" bit isn't very helpful - to be clear, minor traffic accidents do not impact your naturalisation, even if they are your fault .

This would fall under the "respect for Swiss law" part, so one accident is not a pattern of disrespect. If you left the scene of an accident that could be different, or if there were other aggravating factors like not having a license or insurance or a dangerous vehicle.

Do you think having an entry in VOSTRA system (drove too fast in 2019 with 3-month loss of driving license and fine 650chf) and not in privatauszug makes no sense to try to apply for ordinary naturalization anyway (canton schwyz)? did someone have such experience?

There isn’t a strict criteria afaik, it obviously isn’t positive but if everything else is good would that really be a reason for refusal?

TBH sounds like half the people I see on the A3 with SZ plates, do you also drive a Cayenne then you’re practically native.

I was advised at my Cantonal interview that excessive speed would prevent citizenship being granted. One of my friends was also told that - he had to delay his application until his offence was over 10 years old.

Yes i think could be used for sure in terms of "bad integration", the only official things i found are these...doesn't look straight away no, but smth SEM will look at: In my case it is bedingte geldstrafe 20Tagen x 160CHF

Also from cantonal schwyz law about strafregister....

It gives some hope that it is not quick no, but just wondered if someone had some similar experience. Collecting all these documents for application then for nothing....and i am afraid to ask lady in gemeinde....there is no such law at gemeinde level about it (i think they apply cantonal requirements with some own opinion? )

Ask at both levels.