Car options when leaving Switzerland permanently

I’ve read the few threads about importing a car from Switzerland to the UK and it seems complicated and expensive. And I don’t really see the point of having a lefthand drive car in a righthand drive country; all that getting in and out to get tickets for the car parks, etc.

So what other options are there? I’m vaguely thinking we buy a car in the UK and drive it back to Switzerland for a few weeks while the other car gets sold here, but I have vague recollections of Swiss driving licence holders not being allowed to drive foreign registered cars here. Am I remembering correctly? Since the car would be bought and registered in the UK there’d be no tax/duty to pay on it going back to the UK after a few weeks and since it’s not being imported into Switzerland there’d be nothing to pay here either. Of course getting the 2 cars to Switzerland would be a bit of a hassle.

Only other thing I can think of is leave the Swiss car here, train to airport/fly to UK, pick up hire car (preferably one-way hire for a few days), get the new UK car then back to the airport, airport car park to fly/train back home here to sell the Swiss car then train/fly back to the UK and pick up the UK car from the airport car park.

It's to do with Swiss and EU residence.

UK is no longer in the EU, so no problem, regardless of where you are resident.

Nothing to do with your license!


Yeah, but did they carry that over in the new Swiss/UK Brexit agreement or not?

Why not hire a car here on the occasions when you need one after you have sold your Swiss car?

Or use a taxi/public transport.

That might be another option, but would probably depend on how much last minute running around before we permanently leave we’d need to do.

It’s to do with Swiss and non-Swiss custom area residency.

As UK is not part of the Swiss customs area (only Büsingen am Hochrhein Germany, and Liechtenstein are) it is still an issue.

Two options:

Leave it in Germany/France/Italy/Austria (technically also not allowed as you imported the car into the EU as a tourist, under condition you will leave with the car).

Get approval from Swiss customs to use the car for your move. There you can use the foreign car in Switzerland for up to 3 days. They might give you a longer special exemption.…-benutzen.html