Car scratched by unknown while parked


My car was scratched by someone while parked. Of course they did not leave a number as these were deliberate scratches under the windows on 3 sides. My question is what is the best course of action?

Shall I just contact insurance? Really pissed as it's a brand new car and never thought this happened in this par of the world.


Yes. If you have full comp insurance they will cover it. You might be liable for the excess though as the other party is unknown.

Then you wait for it to happen again.

That's what worries me. Are these incidents really that common around these parts? Never had anything happen to my old car for two odd years but as soon as I changed to a nice new one, boom.

Also heard a lot of horror stories of people being let go by their insurance providers because they had the gall to claim what they pay for. Seems like a Swiss speciality to pay for insurance, but also pay for any damage out of one's own pocket just to have the privilege of staying insured.

I do, just worried about my premiums going up and ending up a bad apple in their books which means I will have to pay higher charges for the rest of my life just because an d**khead decided to key my car.

Then leave it then.

Nope. My kids have variously got too close to a parked car, and broke it's door mirror, misjudged parking and hit a car in a car park and reversed into a friends car - while my wife and friend were in it! There's been a few other incidents as well.

All claimed against, no increase in premiums. No cancellation.

It wasn’t your fault, so it’s unlikely to go against you. We had 2 crashes in 6 weeks, neither our fault, didn’t cause an insurance problem.

Based on the season: Happened to me before... when parking with a ZH number in the mountains. While I enjoy the banter and "Kantönligeist" at times do some GR folks take their hatred against Zurich a few steps too far... called the insurance, got it resprayed, end of story. If it is however at your home would I be more worried how to stop it from happening again.

Your old car didn't make anyone jealous/envious. Also where/how you park can make a difference. I loved driving around in my old banger. I didn't have to worry about where I went or where I left it.

Sorry to hear that...

It happened to my last year twice in less than 6 months. The car was parked around the corner from my house, both times in the same parking spot. I have a Swiss plate and visible from the windscreen the permit from the Gemeinde to park in white lines. Apparently somebody doesn’t like that I park there. I reported to the insurance both times, so far didn’t get any increase of premium. They told me I have a max of 2 similar claims in a year...

Good luck and hopefully they find those people...

Get a dash cam that operates 24/7…-2-sensor.html

Reassuring, thanks

Think I have a max of two as well, thanks for sharing. Wonder what drives these people.