Change of employer during the naturalization process


A rather short question but I am not sure if it also has a short and easy answer:

Has anyone changed their employer while going through the naturalization process? If yes, did it have any consequences for the process?

We are four months into the process and have not heard anything beside the confirmation letter from canton that they received our documents. I have a lifetime opportunity to join another company without changing my address.

However I would not endanger our naturalization process by any extent for any sort of money or job title.

Thank you for your help and sorry if this or similar topics were already addressed in this forum.



Zero impact

Change and don't look back

Naturalization is an administrative process not a judgement on your life choices

Thanks buddy.

Would it matter if the employer was in a different country than Switzerland?

Doesn't matter as long as you remain resident in Switzerland during the process

From an administrative point of view, it should be fine.

Just FYI, during my interview, I was asked many questions about my jobs and how they link to my integration/contact with Swiss people. I can imagine the discussion being a bit more difficult if I had worked remotely for a company abroad.

However, don't let that stop you from taking that lifetime opportunity. The last few months aren't what define your integration.

Just be ready to answer right :-)

I had the same situation.

During the interview, the interviewer asked me if I was still working at the (initially reported) employer, and when I said no, the was no issue at all, he just asked me to have the "Arbeitgeberbesta╠łtigung" signed again by the new company.

It took me 2 weeks to get the signature, so I would suggest you do it just before the interview to have it ready.

In my canton, you have to report such changes of circumstance to the person from the canton who handles your file, without being asked to do it in the interview; it is in the text of the forms you submit. But no, it should not be a problem at all.

Thanks. I think in my canton is the same and one has to report proactively.

we'll see how things go...

Thanks a lot to all for your contributions to my topic.