Changing residence and C permit requirements

Good morning.

As I have been in Switzerland from an EU country for 4 years, next year I will be eligible to apply for the settlement (C) permit.

I am looking at the moment to change my house. I know that to be eligible to apply for the C permit after 5 years, I have restrictions about where I update my residence.

Am I "allowed" to change commune, within the canton?

Are there other specific requirements?

I am staying in VAUD

Thank you!

There are no residency restrictions for applying for a C permit so long as you meet the requirements. You can change commune or canton, it doesn’t matter. You would just need to apply for a new B permit if you change cantons/commune or have your new address changed on your current B permit if you just move within your commune.

and most important thing is you need to have the language certificate (it has to be the same as the official language of the commune that you're moving to)... So if you're moving from a French-speaking commune to a German-speaking Gemeinde then you would need a German language certificate.

Hello, thanks for the replies.

My friend, who came to Switzerland with me, moved after 2 years from Vaud to Zurich. His B permit has been replaced, and from that moment he has been told he has to wait for 5 years (from this new date) to send the application for the C permit.

Could you confirm that this would be indeed not true?

I was considering moving as well from Vaud to Zurich for better opportunities, but I was considering waiting until I have the C permit, one year from now if nothing goes wrong.

Was he on an early C permit or a regular EU C permit?

I arrived in this country in 2015, and during that time when the UK was still part of the EU, I was granted an EU B permit that remained valid for a span of 5 years.

While holding the B permit, over the course of those initial 5 years, I relocated to 3 different cantons. I moved from a French-speaking commune in Bern to Zurich, then transitioned to Vaud, and subsequently returned to Zurich. On each occasion, the reissuing of my B permit was seamless, with the expiration date consistently unchanged. The only alterations made were to the cantonal reference numbers, which were updated to reflect my moves.

Upon the expiration of my initial B permit, I encountered no difficulties in its renewal. Despite having obtained a French language certificate, the eligibility for a C Permit was hindered by my location in Zurich. Consequently, the renewal of my B permit was granted.

Subsequently, after acquiring proficiency in the German language and obtaining a relevant certificate, I applied for a C permit. The C permit was issued within a mere 3 weeks from the date of submission.

In a year from now I will have lived in Switzerland for 5 years, in the cantons of Zug and Zurich. If I apply for the C permit in the canton of Zurich, what level of German will be required? B2? And if I succeed in attaining the C permit, would my wife be able to have the C permit? She has lived in Switzerland a year less than I have.



I don’t know for sure about the second part but I would guess not based on point 3.2 of this document:…igung%20IW.pdf