Clocks go forward

Don’t forget the clocks go forward an hour this coming weekend. Summertime here we come!


Spring ahead, fall back. Sat-Sun night despite Mon being a public holiday in many places.

Edited to add. Oops!

Isn’t it sat-sun night?

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Yup. I had a mild panic last weekend when it was late at the weekend and I was wondering whether I’d lose an extra hour of sleep!

I wonder what happened to all those political debates in the EU as well as the UK about ending the twice yearly clock changes ??

Council of the EU - Proposal to end the twice yearly clock changes

EU Member States are no longer obliged to change their clocks. It’s up to them to decide.

It has to be pretty much unanimous to avoid chaos.

I agree, but the decision is no longer the EU’s. It’s up to each country to decide. Switzerland will follow Germany even if different from France and/or Italy.

Covid happened, pure and simple. More important things to deal with than whether the clocks go forward/back or not.

Still, it’s going to be REALLY silly if France stays on winter time, Germany goes to Summer, Italy stays on Winter, Belgium goes to Summer, Netherlands … Needs to be agreement throughout the EU on which one they will use - if/when they do get around to deciding.

The EU (excluding overseas bits) currently has three time zones, Ireland and Portugal in one, Finland down to Greece in another and the rest of us in between.

If Spain and Portugal can deal with an hour’s difference I’m sure central Europe can as well.

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I’m going away for a week tomorrow and I (incorrectly) thought that the clocks go BACK this weekend. I was so grumpy that I’d miss out on that extra hour of sleep!!
Very pleased to find that I was mistaken :laughing:

I read “Cocks go forward” for a minute there.

You weren’t mistaken about missing out on sleep, clocks going forward do mean that you miss out on an hour of sleep.

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Handy hint: If you don’t want to lose out on a hour of sleep then go to bed one hour earlier.

An alternative would be to wake up one hour later.

More handy hints to follow…


My twice a year nightmare.
Ah, I yearn for the days of my youth. We had just four clocks in our house. One each in the dining room, lounge, hallway and one alarm clock in my parents’ bedroom. To change the time on the three of wind up variety, one simply shoved the hands round to the new correct position. The electric one in the dining room had to have the hands moved forward, eleven hours in autumn. Moving the hands backwards meant that it then ran backwards! It also meant that our father was pretty annoyed as, a foretaste of modern electrical devices, the clock then sulked and had to be gently persuaded to go forwards again.
Child’s play compared with my present situation.
Which clocks and watches do I have to reset myself and where on earth are the books of instructions for the oven, microwave, weather station, dish washer?
Which gadgets correct themselves if I remember to cut off their source of power to remind them to look for the ‘signal’?
Which are the clever ones which do it ‘without my stir’?
I suppose I should make a nice list ready for next time. But will I be able to find it?

The two clocks on the ovens and the three clocks that use batteries. Also change batteries at same time.

I love Daylight Saving Time. For working people, it gives the pleasure of long evenings to be spent outside after having been in artificial light all day long. I will never understand why some people want to abolish it.


The joy of going for an evening run without a head torch and reflectors stuck to various body parts is unmatched. :laughing:


If a device is designed well, changing the time should be automatic, or at least intuitive for the user to change.
If it isn’t, the designer has failed.

We have two V-Zug ovens - difference functions, same age and style. Both have a completely different way of changing the time.
One is intuitive, the other is not clear at all and requires a couple of minutes to discover which key-presses are needed.

My stove doesn’t even have a clock.

My microwave does, but I unplug it when I don’t use it anyway and the time is easily set.

All the other devices have NTP clients of sorts or receive their time directly via long-wave radio signals.