Confused about waste management

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Im confused about the waste management here in Baden. I have stored a lot of food packages that are made of carton and also some clothes tag which I believe they are made of cardboard or thick paper but the paper collector refused to pick them. I dont know why.

Apparantly we have to bundle the papers and cardboards but what about these small pieces like the tags, paper cards, food packages, toilet paper roll, etc? Certainly I cannot bundle these smal items so I put dropped them all in a coop paper bags. They refused to pick.

Another question. What is not allowed in the household rubbish? Where should i put plastics other than PET and obvious bottles? Plastics like packaging nylon, plastic bags, ...?

Again another issue. I searched it seems that i have to separate the fruit and vegatable waste like peels into the green containers out there. Is that right? So far i aas throwing them in the same household garbage. I didnt know. I thought these green bins are only for garden stuff.

I searched google but didnt find a comprehensive guidline what to sort.


Here’s a nice color table from your municipality…ender_2023.pdf

If you don’t speak a word in German, upload the PDF to Google translate , or Deepl

Anything BIO degradable (not cooked) goes to the green containers. You can buy a bio degradable bags for it. If you produce a lot of such bio trash it’s only in your favor, don’t you think? A few samples, like one or two apple cores a day are not worth to bother.

Regarding paper collection, I’m also a bit confused. I moved from VD where we got dedicated containers for paper, now I have to accumulate it waiting for the collection date. In my commune it was fine to handle a coop paperbag full of all sorts of packaging paper on the kartonsamlung date, but not at altpapeier date.

For the small cartons perhaps use a flatter carton (pizza box?) and squash them in there if your pick up people are picky?

It seems i should not put them all in the coop paper bag. He was talking swiss german so i didnt unerstand

Cardboard isn’t paper, (most?) “paper” bags count as cardboard.
In some communes the recycling machines can process both simultaneously, others can’t and need paper and cardboard separated for collection. OP’s is of the latter. AFAIA they always must be bundled so they can be thrown even when they’re wet from rain, that’s why it’s no good putting them in bags.

Generally speaking:

  • harmful or hazardous stuff must be dealt with properly (oil, batteries, etc)
  • electronics and electric appliances must be dealt with properly (return to any vendor of electronis or electrics or deposit at a collection center)
  • recyclables (metals, plastics, compostables, paper&cardboard, etc) should be dealt with properly, but no need to sweat it or be anal about it

Also, don’t flush household waste down the toilet.

For Bern, see this page with lots of details (talk about information overload), or their FB page .

For everything carton related : I usually buy some carton bags from the places where I shop during one month. I put everything (carton related) in those bags. Bags get picked up

For clothes I know there are some metallic bins where you could drop them off.

And for metal and glass I am sure you should find the bins provided by the municipality

Plastic goes into coop/migros/denner

Waste from food go into your small green plastic bin (u can use a bio-degradable bag) and just throw it in the bigger green bins outside

Everything else in the 35 L trash bags

Good luck

Here it is.


What happene to the oil PET?