Converting a family reunification B permit

My husband has a sponsored B permit through his Swiss employer. I live and work in Switzerland through a family reunification B permit (I.e. I have the automatic right to work in Switzerland through my husband’s sponsored permit). We are both British so are considered third country nationals.

My question is; does anyone know if it is possible for me to convert my family reunification B permit to an employer-sponsored B work permit if my employer is willing to sponsor it? Can I do this without leaving the country or stopping my employment for any period? I would do this for permit/job security reasons (e.g. if my husband is made redundant we’d still have my sponsored permit to lean on instead of having to leave the country).

Thank you all, any insights and help appreciated.

No, it’s not possible to convert your family reunification permit into what is effectively an independent one. The only way it might be possible would be if you divorced in which case you might be able to get a new permit if the conditions to do so are met.…partners-death

If your husband loses his job then you would also lose your permit as well. From the Foreign Nationals Act Article 4.4.1:

"The possibility of engaging in a gainful activity for family members is related, according to art. 26 and 27 OASA, for the duration of the authorization of the person who has benefited from family reunification. If the spouse’s residence permit is not renewed, his family members can not claim a right to continue their gainful activity (Article 6 (2) OASA). "