Coop Online Stops Offering Frozen Food?

Has anyone heard anything about this?

No, but Google has.

There it is … the old englishforum crowd in all it’s glory.

Knew there was no escaping.

Maybe you have chosen delivery by Swiss Post?

Thanks for the idea.

No, standard coop delivery as always.

Very frustrating. Dependent on lots of frozen food and liked their products.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem ordering frozen food from coop online for me.

Strange indeed. As soon as I log in all the frozen products disappear. I know that coop experienced some technical issues with Supercard app today. Maybe they did some changes to their website and it caused incorrect behaviour.

It says that these products are not available for the chosen kind of delivery whatever delivery slot you chose. Seems to be some kind of bug.

Works well for me. Could it be that some postal codes are not supported anymore?

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All your comments are super helpful.

I will try sending a question to their online contact form.

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Where did you see that they had “stopped offering” frozen food online? I’ve tried various permutations of search criteria and it always comes up with their range of frozen food rather than it not being available, or a few points on how they package it, etc.

Are you logged in? For me as soon as I log in all the frozen goods disappear from the basket and no frozen food appears in search anymore. When I log out they become available again.

I logged in, was able to find 25 pages of frozen stuff, added brocoli to the basket (just for kicks, hate the stuff!) but didn’t check out

Just tried it logged in. I also see frozen produce. Added Gaburko’s broccoli and threw in some fish fingers for laffs…

“Fish fingers” have always sounded to me like a gmo experiment gone really really bad. Also, is there actually fish in them or its just “fingers”? :slight_smile:

Better ask Captain Birds Eye :wink:

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I logged in and was able to add chip shop style fish and chips, magnums and frozen pizza to my basket before heading off to choose my delivery slot and check out which I didn’t do as I had no intention of buying any of those things.

A captain with a birds eye is manufacturing fingers from fish. Just another proof that a shitty product with an ever shittier marketing can do well!

They are considered pretty healthy compared with other convenience food- at least the better quality ones as they don’t need preservatives etc and are basically breaded fish fillet.

The ‘new’ oldest man in the world -111 years old and living in Liverpool, UK eats fish and chips every week.

As for Captain Birdseye - Clarence Birdseye ((1886-1956) invented the method for flash-freezing fish which doesn’t introduce ice-crystals and destroy the texture.


Joke aside, care to share a few trusted brands? Never had fish fingers on my radar, but if it’s not as bad as I assumed, I’d give them a try. We have a “deep fried evening” once a month and this is something i was avoiding but maybe i shouldn’t have

My advise would be to not deep fry fish fingers.

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