Decent ski boot fitter

Hello all,

I am a ski instructor currently living in Montreux but moving soon to Ollon.

Looking for a good boot fitter in the region, preferably within a half hour's drive. Been to Sport House at Villars already and can say that I definitely do NOT recommend; the guy's nice enough but isn't a good boot fitter.

Heard some decent things about Hefti Sports in Leysin - can anyone vouch for that? Any other recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


This place used have a guy from the US who was a wizz

Gland is a little outside of a half hours drive, probably double that. But just down the A1, head towards the lake, two roundabouts and it’s on your left.

Edited to say: Make that three roundabouts, just after the Aldi.

Not within half an hours drive but worth the trip IMO

Michael at Stoked in Zermatt. Appointment needed!

You guys are amazing; thank you!