DIY Stores

I am lookg for a good DIY store.
The stores such as OBI, Bauhaus, Jumbo,… sell only “raw wood”.
I would like to buy MDF boards in different colors of their edges so that I can build myown cabinet.
where should I look for does?


Nice - but quite expensive.

An alternative for the OP may be to get plain mdf and spray paint it the colour you want (but you will need to to this properly with the right preparation and layers otherwise it will look terrible.

You can also buy coloured tape for the edges

colored tape? what do you mean. as far as I know, the edges should be made from special material that you need to heat to “stick it” or with time it will look terrible.

These will give you some ideas

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If you’re going to the trouble of making your own cabinets, I’d suggest you get proper solid wood instead of MDF. Then you can finish it with paint or varnish.

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My husband used coloured throughout MDF panels to make our computer tables. Then you don’t have problem with edges.

OBI also has MDF boards of different size and color, maybe try another location if yours doesn’t have it.

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Bauhaus has MDF in different colors/veneers - there is a tape for the edges.

To apply the tape, you put some masking tape to temporarily hold it, then take an iron and heat it with the clothes iron until it’s stuck.

Some of the tapes are self-adhesive. I’ve only used black or white ones for shelf-edging, one from Bauhaus and one from Hornbach, but in both cases the iron-on and self-adhesive ones were both available. Also take care to get the right width - some of them are wider than others.