Driving Licence at 75 years old

When you reach 75 (it was 70 until a few years ago) you are obliged to prove you are still safe to drive and keep your licence. This works as follows:

The street traffic office send a letter a few weeks around your 75th birthday. The letter explains that you have a couple of months to respond, either by handing in your licence in the envelope provided with the letter (not stamp affixed) or get your doctor to test you.

The letter contains a code number, which your doctor can send electronically to the street traffic office after the consultation.

Eye test is very rudimentary. Just indicating whether a squared “W” is facing up, down left or right. With glasses and without, covering one eye each time. I wear glasses - multifocal for reading and distance and passed without glasses. Otherwise a ‘must wear glasses to drive’ code is added to your licence. A new licence would be issued and charged for.

The rest incudes touching you nose with your eyes closed. Checking peripheral vision. Following the doctor’s finger with your head still. Walking a couple of metres in a straight line without falling over. Finally the doctor checks to see if you heart is still beating.

I was surprised there was no reaction test al all.

Within 48 hours I received a letter from the street traffic office saying I was good for another 2 years - and a bill for CHF100.- from my doctor, which the health insurance won’t help with…


Mom had the same… she hasn’t driven in >10 years…

That said, she keeps her license active “just in case” (it also makes her feel older to be told - you cannot drive anymore).