EES and no stamps

I hope they remember to include us awkward UK passport holders with a permit when it comes to the counting days calculation.

Posting here as I just came back from the UK and enjoyed a long queue in Basel whilst stood by all those banks of machines for this purpose. Got me wondering if there might be even more *Brexit benefits to come.


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My understand (probably wrong) that if you have a residency permit here, then you have no limit of the days and presumably don’t need to register, as with Swiss passport holders…

Well I hope that’s probably right. :slight_smile:

Not sure how they’d make the connection though. Perhaps if you register beforehand the system will know your passport has an X permit associated.

One can see why it’s so complicated… also why anything competence and Brexit related fills me with the fear, given the lack of anything approaching decent management of this state.

Well, something else to keep an eye out for anyway.

Register beforehand? You’ll be lucky. :crazy_face:

Also is this still a work in progress with no actual starting date yet?

I would have thought that needing to apply for this would make the EES sort of redundant as you could possibly include the photo/fingerprints in the visa info.

And given that the new Swiss permits already have photo/fingerprint info that also seems to make the EES redundant for us.

Many place are still using the paper format for C permits, so not much use to us.

And just to point out re: queuing at airports, with a Swiss residence permit you’re allowed to use the EU/Swiss passport lines, even if not the electronic ones.

All new or replacement C permits have been the biometric cards for several years now so there should be very few paper C permits around these days.

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Are you sure? As I understood it there were differences between cantons, and depending on the type of permit. Ours, EU-C permits, were last renewed in VS in 2020.

100% certain.
All permits issued after June 2021 are the credit card format.
It was supposed to have happened earlier but was delayed due to Covid.
Some cantons gradually replaced all permits in the old formats irrespective of expiry dates whereas others just implemented the change when the permits came up for renewal.
You will get the new format when you renew yours next year.


Renewing mine now and was told all paper C documents are being replaced, in any Kanton.

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Yes, we got the new credit card ones when we renewed last year here in Fribourg canton.

Same for us, we did the biometrics a couple of weeks ago and have to collect the new permits from the canton next week.

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Are you absolutely sure? I thought as a US passport holder I have to use the “all lines”. Am also C permit, credit card format.

I made a special point of testing this returning through GVA a couple of week ago. Had both my UK passport and (paper) C permit in hand and at least twice was allowed through by staff who were checking people were in the right line, then of course presented both at the desk. UK passport holders without a Swiss permit were not allowed through.


Ok, will give it a try. Thanks for the info.

I don’t know what the actual rules are but in my experience it seems to be a the whim of the guards on duty at the time.
Sometimes you’re allowed through and sometimes not. Maybe it depends on how many people there are in the different lines? Who knows?


It’s not the actual guards at the desk that decide who’s in which line though, it’s the staff monitoring the queues. Have you actually been refused entry in a given line when said staff have definitely seen that you have a Swiss permit?

Yes and we were travelling with our son who has a Swiss passport.

I’ve seen lots of other people being pulled out and directed to the other queue as well but I’ve also seen people being redirected to the Swiss/EU queue from that one as well.
As I said I think it depends on how busy it is and how many people are in the respective queues.
You may be ok with a Swiss permit in the EU line but you might not, it’s not guaranteed.

I was only talking about entry into Switzerland, never tried it anywhere else (although TBF I’ve only ever flown to one other EU country, Greece, since brexit and I don’t recall there being any separate lines at all.

Basel airport is a bit different from GVA though (although it’s a couple of years since I flew in there) with a choice of French or Swiss customs before you decide which exit you’re going to use, but no specifying of Schengen/non-Schengen passports and no separate lines for them.

As Greece is in Schengen, there are no checks either way - except at check-in to verify the ticket bears you name…

I came back from the UK to Basel a couple of weeks ago.

Separate lines on arrival.

As a C permit holder you show said permit and they don’t mark your passport with the date of entry.