English Speaking Ob/gyn Menopause Appenzell/ St Gallen

Hi, I have a great need to find an English speaking Ob/Gyn in the Appenzell area but St Gallen will also work. As I seem to need Hormone terapy and this is all new to me so much anxiety and not wishing to trouble my spouse in accompanying me in such (he already gets great anxiety having to do such as he is not a fan of doctor visits ) Thanks in advance for any leads or insight.


Maybe try to see if there is a “Frauenklinik” at a hospital near you. They usually have lots of doctors, with most or many of them being fluent in English.

Here is the website for a Frauenklinik at Spital Herisau:


Phone #: 071 353 24 02

Also, here is a “Medizinischen Zentrum Appenzell” in Appenzell that has a Gynecology department with various doctors:


Phone #: Tel. +41(0)71 788 02 20

If you do call to make an appt, ask to make an appt with a doctor that speaks English, though I’m willing to bet that most of them do.

Many thanks for your response! Quite helpful!