EpsonConnect Cloud Services and Salt

I have a strange problem… I no longer seem to be able to use the EpsonConnect cloud printer services. After several attempts turning things on and off, I came to the conclusion that the issue seems to be with Salt. I can not reach from home or my phone unless I enable a VPN connection. Any other Salt user able to confirm this? What is the best way to get this sorted:

A. Contact Salt with the issue.
B. Contact Epson with the issue.
C. Buy new hardware: a new printer scanner, or a VPN box for the network.
D. Do nothing… the problem will eventually fix itself.

Just tried it via my Salt phone hotspot and same as you, it can’t connect. Works fine from my Swisscom home connection.

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It seems pin-pointed by now. However, I thought to just chime in with mu exp, the Windows modern UX sucks. I was struggling with unexplainable net issues until I hit Start button typing “control panel”, from there I navigated to network to see that all my network devices were organized into some virtual endpoints. You can’t see them on device view as these are not (virtual)devices, just stupid things breaking your network :stuck_out_tongue: