EU approves major overhaul of migration rules

Due to come into force in 2 years’ time. Whether it’ll work or not … :woman_shrugging:

“It is designed to speed up the asylum process and boost the return of irregular migrants to home countries”

Sounds like something the Nazis would do!

You may want to read up on what happened in that period if you compare that to the Nazis. You need it.


You could insert Donald Trump if that analogy makes more sense for you.

Besides, it’s difficult to keep up with the narrative. I’m out a few years, I was still under the belief that diversity is a strength and millions of migrants coming to Europe would be to our economic advantage :laughing:

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No. As long as there’s no selection criteria, strength and diversity are just BS empty slogans. Europe has to introduce some sort of selection based on 1) what are the actual skills we’re short of OR 2) accepting people who are genuinely threatened if they stay in their home country. Welcoming “everybody” creates false expectations and leads almost always to tensions and sometimes to deaths.


Oh of course a sensible approach is required, I completely agree.

I was just musing that such an attitude was considered ‘far-right’ or ‘racist’ not very long ago.

“…EU states to share responsibility for hosting asylum seekers…” Aww, those right wingers have a soft spot after all! :laughing:

I think with this selective quote, you’re not conveying the major part of the planned reform, which is strengthening the mechanism for returning migrants back and significantly shortening the processing time. In other words, if this works as expected, many more will be forced back and much quicker and not even allowed within Europe instead of letting them to hang around in city centers in highly unpleasant gangs

My bad. Was tongue-in-cheek.


I thought you had a déjà vu feeling… :joy:

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I still remember when they were telling us these highly unpleasant gangs vibrant and diverse young men will be paying our pensions!

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