EU From B to C permit - RAV and 1 yr employment contract query

Hi All,

I am a Brit, living in Zurich since Sept 2019 (pre-Brexit) and now coming up to my B permit 5 year expiry date in Sept 2024. In these 5 years I have been on RAV for about 14 months consecutively (01 Dec 2023 till 31 Jan 2024). I have just received a 12 months contract from 01.02.2024 till 31.01.2025. I wanted to know if:

1. 14 months consecutive RAV (although I believe it classifies as unemployment insurance so RAV is like your employer)


2. Current 12 months employment contract

will restrict me from getting the C Permit assuming I meet all the other criteria's like relevant language skill, no debt, no criminal history etc)?

Thanks in advance.

What did Zürich say when you asked them?

Long time ago I had to give them a letter from my employer stating that my work contract was open-ended. But as Urs said, ask them.

I was on RAV for 5 months and worked continuously before and after RAV and satisfied all other criteria. My application to get the C permit after 5 years was rejected because of RAV so now i have to wait for 5 more years to apply again.

That makes no sense. RAV is not social help. It’s an insurance scheme that workers pay into.

You also should not have to wait 5 more years if you meet all the criteria. Perhaps you’re from a non-EU country and don’t fulfill every last little criteria for an “early” C permit?

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Zurich is known to reject early C permits with employment gaps.

But UK can apply for regular permits after 5y so shouldn’t be an issue for OP.