EU Trailer Question

Quick question, maybe someone has done this before… I want to tow an EU registered trainer (Italy). I see that the Swiss trailers follow a similar rule to registration and license plates (i.e. a trailer is registered itself, not like in the UK). Can I tow, with my Swiss car, a non-Swiss trailer (in Italy)? What about if I come back “over the border” into Switzerland?

IMHO it would make sense if the same rules applied as if you drove someone else’s car across the border and in CH. Contact those guys . What applies into/in Italy is a different question, you’ll be taking a vehicle across the border that isn’t yours.

The tax/zoll is what worries me - as the trailer is/would be mine… just one that I buy/keep in Italy 99% of the time. I’m trying to decide between buying a trailer in CH, and keeping it in Italy vs buying it there.

I assume you mean that bringing an Italian trailer into Switzerland means one would have to import it, maybe there is a Customs form to do a temporary import. You could always get a “Carnet de passages” but the Swiss Customs fee is CHF 620.

An Italian CDP won’t be more expensive than the 220 the TCS charges for Swiss registered vehicles. But it’s only valid for one year. Personally, I’d want a statement by federal guys, in writing of course unless they can point me to a document clearly covering my case, and take it from there. The fact that all vehicles involved are/will be Spinal’s may well make this a complete non-issue.

Thanks for the advice, they responded very quickly!

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