Expenses for opening the Rental Deposit Account

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the opening costs of a rental deposit account as a tenant, and I'm seeking some insights from the community.

The agency facilitated the establishment of a rental deposit account, and I subsequently deposited my funds into it.

Afterwards, the agency requested me to cover entirely the cost for opening the rental deposit account (100 CHF). I wanted to get your opinion on whether it's common or fair for tenants to bear these costs.

Is it typical for tenants to pay for the expenses related to opening a rental deposit account?

I'm puzzled that, as the tenant covering these costs, I lack the autonomy to choose where and what type of account to open. If I'm responsible for the expenses, I'd expect the authority to decide, including the possibility of selecting a free account.

Have any of you encountered similar requests from your landlords?

I appreciate any input or advice you can provide on this matter.

Thank you!

I just googled a bit because I can’t recall having ever been charged a fee for opening the account, but I do recall getting charged quite high fees (20-50 CHF per transaction, so twice if some funds dispersed to landlord/agency) at the end of tenancy to release the funds.

What I found is that the law governing the rental deposit doesn’t contain any information on fees for such accounts. It seems that particularly recently, banks have raised their fees to open these. I know UBS used to be free and have been charging 100 CHF for opening the account since July 2022.

Unfortunately, it seems you will have to pay this fee. It does seem particularly unfair as the renter does not get to pick the bank, but courts have apparently confirmed this is the right of the agency/landlord.

(Here is an article in German from quite a few years ago: https://www.srf.ch/sendungen/kassens…-mietzinsdepot )

This was a problem for my daughter, as the landlord insisted on a bank that no longer opened accounts for USians (she is Swiss, but also CA and US).

However, the bank discovered a loophole in that she had a dormant account, so used that!


Thank you very much for taking the time to search about this topic.

In the meantime, I called the agency and they told me that they will contact the landlord to see if they are willing to share the cost.

An update regarding this matter: I contacted the agency and explained that due to not having the option to choose the account or bank for opening the rental deposit account, I had expected that, given the relatively high cost of 100 CHF, the expenses could be shared equally, with the landlord contributing 50%. They relayed the request to the landlord, who ultimately agreed to the 50-50 arrangement.