Feedback on Google Maps

Are there any rules when it comes to write a review/feedback on Google Maps?
Google says: follow the community rules.
However, i see a weird situation: if a make a review just with the stars, without any comment inside, then the review is published immediately . As soon as i put something there–actually a long text, the review is not visible anymore. Is only me who can see it. Is not public anymore.

This behavior seems to be different when i do a review for a company in my country. Doesnt matter how long is the review or what content is in it, the review is available publicly.
Thank you

Sometimes they will review your text before publishing it, probably to avoid shenanigans both pro and against the company.

“They” means who exactly?

They = “Moderators”. If reviews from a user have been flagged in the past, they go to moderation by humans.

Since it’s one of the largest companies in the world, “exactly” is unknowable. The only sure thing that can be said is moderation was outsourced to the lowest cost contractor around the world.