Fifty Swiss banned from Thailand for 99 years

Maybe next time don’t try and get a visa more quickly. Hard on them though when it wasn’t really their fault.

"Tragedy for dozens of Swiss: an honorary consul falsified their visa applications, depriving them of entry to Thailand for 99 years! Worse still, some of them have been imprisoned in the Southeast Asian country because of these fraudulent schemes.

They love Thailand, but now find themselves banished from its territory for nearly a century. The reason: the acquisition of their visa through an honorary consul with fraudulent methods. These fifty Swiss people, who say they are innocent, share their story with Blick.

Beat W., who has already visited the Southeast Asian country 20 times, was alerted by the Swiss embassy after his last visit. He then learns that he is on a Thai blacklist and that he was lucky not to have been arrested when he left.

Franz L. was less fortunate. The 77-year-old Swiss spent eight days in detention pending deportation. He shared a space with 300 other inmates, sleeping on the floor. In the end, he had to pay 8,000 francs to regain his freedom, as reported by “Blick”.

Falsified visas

Blick identified 48 other Swiss citizens who had been banned from entering Thailand for 99 years.

Swiss citizens banned from Thailand obtained their visas through the Honorary Consul of Thailand in Dornbirn, Austria. According to “Blick”, they did so to avoid the trip to the Thai embassy in Bern.

The honorary consul, who has since been relieved of his duties by Thailand, wanted to speed up the visa process. With this in mind, he substituted the Swiss address for an Austrian address. This would have allowed the visas to be issued in Vienna rather than Bern. But the Thai embassy quickly detected erroneous information and sanctioned not only the honorary consul, but also the Swiss who traveled with the falsified visas.

FDFA intervenes, Thailand maintains its position

Thailand’s ban particularly affects the couple formed by Iris and Viktor G. Their son has lived in Thailand for more than 20 years, is married and has one child. Viktor G. suffers from severe rheumatism, which is why they have been spending the winter with relatives in Thailand for a long time.

If Thailand maintains its decision, the G., like the other Swiss, will never be able to travel to the Southeast Asian country again.

The dismissed honorary consul admitted his mistakes and expressed regret in the “Blick”, also striving to make amends for the damage caused. He is convinced that the Thai authorities know that the Swiss are not responsible for these falsified visa applications. In this way, he tries to convince them to remove the sanctioned persons from the blacklist. To no avail so far…

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs has announced that it has made increasing requests to the Thai authorities to lift the ban. Further interventions are planned in the coming weeks, reports “Blick”."


You don’t actually need a visa for Thailand. Only if you want to stay over 90 days there. All visitors are photographed and fingerprinted on arrival - by an automated electronic system…

It was their fault as they could have simply applied in Bern? Sounds a bit fishy to apply in Austria to be fair, especially since the Swiss don’t really have problems with being issued visas anywhere.

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Sounds all a bit stupid but also a bit of overreaction - not good to falsify an adress on a visa application but there was no corruption involved etc… Anyway… There is many more nice SEA countries to go to :slight_smile:

Seems like Swiss are not longer welcome in Thailand anyway… And if the child pensions get stopped they will be even less welcome probably!

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That’s shocking:

It’s time to cancel the Swiss visas, said another voice. And: The Swiss are now worse than the Russians and Indians.


…Over 500 angry Phuket locals then marched to K’s villa. They held banners demanding free beaches for citizens and the immediate expulsion of the rowdy Swiss.

So are the Swiss in Switzerland polite, quiet in the evening and generally well behaved because it’s part of their culture - or is that the laws are so strict and reporting on your neighbour is the done thing?

Clickbait article quoting 4 cases for 12000 Swiss residents there.

Worse than Russians :rofl:

I don’t understand the motivation to talk to a newspaper.

If I remember well, the visa applications are signed by the person asking for the visa. Why wouldn’t they want to shout to the world about lying in a visa application? Regardless of “who” did it, their signature is there. Hope they’re getting proper legal consulting and not acting out of feelings.

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Perhaps they have an air of self-importance and think the silly rules don’t apply to them?

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@Axa, I think because (as someone else has pointed out) it seems like an “overreaction”. I don’t know the reasons and the rules/law that the Thai authorities have used to issue such incredible bans, but then again I am not familiar with this country. If they were frequent tourists, they should have known better…I suppose?

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Thailand is a country of contradictions. I was there in January. For example, there are very strict rules about what you can say and do concerning their king, who the populous generally seem to like. Although he bunks off to Germany with an 200 strong entourage upon occasion.

If you place any off their money on the floor, even if in a lady’s handbag you can be in deep sh1t. Every note has the king’s face on and that’s an insult - and they don’t like credit cards.

But marijuan is legal and there are plenty of outlets who will happy supply you with joints etc. Likewise prostitution is widespread in tourist areas…

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The king lives just a few kilometers down the road in Starnberg. It´s a house you cant miss and his presence is a thorn in the state of Bavaria´s butt.
Dictating foreign politics from Bavaria is really frowned on.

Indeed, looks like overcompensating from Thai side.

From the tourists side, maybe I’m wired different, I’d get a lawyer and keep a low profile. Not tell the whole world about lying in the visa application.


I don’t think it functions like that in some countries - get a lawyer and keep a low profile route. Maybe you are familiar with some highly mediated cases about severe penalties for all drug offences in Malaysia. I don’t think a lawyer can help…much.