***Fishing (Angeln) in Switzerland 2023/2024***

Hi everyone. We haven't had an updated fishing thread in a while so here goes.

I recently decided to get back into fishing and am looking to discuss:

Good lakes and spots for all types of fishing (mainly spinning and baitcasting for targeting trout, perch and other edible fish. Recommendations for fishing hardware in general.

It would be great to hear from EF fishermen about tips and success stories, especially for areas that are free to fish in and around Kanton Zürich. Thanks in advance.

I went to Melchsee Frutt with some friends on the weekend to do some spinning and we caught absolutely nothing as we were not really there at the right time and were not really so prepared, but at least it gave me the taste to go again.

I need to buy a spinning and baitcasting rod but there are so many options and very annoyingly Switzerland does not stock a lot of the most recommended ones on the internet.

However, the Caperlan series at Decathlon look very highly specced for the money with the XM-5 looking like a decent deal for 85chf with Fuji rings and reel mount https://www.decathlon.ch/de/browse/c…ailability%7C1

Any recommendations for a spinning rod and baitcasting rod each under 100chf would be appreciated.

We bought a couple of cheaper ones from Decathlon in early summer for two of our kids who had expressed an interest in fishing and they've been to Italy and Croatia and on a couple of Lakes here and to my surprise, they've been really robust and still work perfectly.

My son caught a few Sun fish in Immensee one day (they are not native).

I ought to add that I know nothing about fishing apart from catching mackerel behind a boat with trailing lines and a lazy wind.

Thanks Tom for confirming and happy to hear your sprogs had good luck with them while fishing. I read the Caperlan rods are very decent and the specs on them seem very good.

Also I actually had to google sunfish as I had never heard of the freshwater ones before… I assume imported from North America! https://www.google.com/search?q=fres…-8&safe=strict !

These ones:

They are in Zurichsee too.