Fog lights and high beam in highways


There are some things I (think I) know about using fog lights and high beams, which I wanted to double-check with the more experienced drivers here. Here they are:

Neither fog light nor high beam are NOT mandatory. What is mandatory is to adjust your speed to the visibility of the road Obviously, you must not use fog lights or high beams when they annoy other drivers. I turn my high beam on when on roads outside cities, and immediately turn them off when I notice a car in front of me, in either direction I never use high beams in built-up areas

Now the questions, apart from the validity of the above statements:

1. Can I use fog lights in a built-up area/city?

2. What is the rule about using high beams in the Autobahn? My assumption has always been that I must not use high beams on the highway, because there are almost always other cars present around me, and the highways are always lit with enough light. But that has been shown to be not true sometimes.

I'm looking to learn something useful. Many thanks.

You must use fog lights only when:

Art. 30 Abs. 4 VRV
There is nothing said about using fog lights in built-up areas, therfore you can use them. High beam should not be used in built-up areas.

For high beam on the autobahn. As you correctly say must not driver faster than you could stop within the visible distance. A correctly adjusted low beam will illuminate the road up to 60 m ahead, this means you should not drive faster than 65 km/h while using dipped beams. (Using the approximation used for the theory exam, which is (V^2)/100 + V/10×3 where V is your speed in km/h the result is the stopping distance in meter).

This in general also applies to the Autobahn. See “Stuhlfall” BGE 93 IV 115 , and also BGE 126 IV 91 . In the “Stuhlfall” a chair was on the passing lane and the the accused overtook an other car with dipped beams. They were going only 95 km/h. They could maneuver around the chair but started to skid, toppled over, crashed. They were found at fault.

Therefore, I use the high beam on the Autobahn as necessary and actually do not care about the cars on the opposite site. I do about the cars in front of me. Not my problem that they removed all hedges and light protection panels. Further no ones has flashed me so far (I do change to dipped beam in a bend).

Thanks. In a text I read, it said is actually because of the use of dürfen/may in that article, that they conclude fog lights are not mandatory.

Fig lights and high beans ... A culinary endeavour.

High beam usage should be short, accompanied with the turn left signal, while being on the fast lane on the highway [it is partially a joke, take it as it is]

Other than the classic usage mentioned above, you kinda have the white lines on the ground which should guide you in low visibility conditions, on foggy nights, I think even the high-beam will not help you.

But for example, there is one portion on the Zh "belt"/highway ... when entering ZH thru Brunau, there is a split just before, which is not lit that well, and if you want to enter ZH you need to turn left, quite the curve, but you still have a lot of markers saying to slow down ... and yes no oncoming traffic there, so there are some situations where you could actually use it and don't bother anyone.

Ps : I generally use them when I am overtaking someone, but I notice that the driver one the first lane fell a bit asleep and is with the car on both lanes

Nothing wrong with using High beams on any autobahn, as long as no traffic is present. In which case, usually at 3 or 4 in the morning.

Or one can get a car like mine that has automatic high beams.…-systems-work/

Rear fog lights are useful in extremely low visibility to warn drivers coming up behind that you are there.

I think in the 20-odd years I've been driving, I've only ever had cause to use rear fog lights 2 or 3 times but it was a proper pea-souper, and even then it was patchy so didn't require constant use.

Rear fogs lights or “Walley lights” are one of the most useless and annoying car accessories. Why? Because they require an intelligent driver to use them.

Ever been overtaken in fog or heavy rain by someone with their Walleys full on? Better still at night. They are simply blinding and need to be used in very rare situations where there is no one behind you and your cautious driving in difficult conditions means you need to warn other you are ahead...

What kind of selfish and dangerous reasoning is this? You do not care that you may be blinding or distracting on-coming drivers: msnsad.

If you have a VW or other car with LED beams, you can drive on full beam all the time at night. VWs have a blank square that will lie over the car in front or traffic coming the other way. Never dazzling at all, but still lighting up areas without vehicles.

Tesla have yet to master this and only have self dipping lights...

Point missed a bit - if there is no-one behind you there is no point one way or the other.

Certainly should be used in daytime in thick fog anywhere or heavy rain/spray on motorways. Nighttime otoh rarely needed but not never.

Btw they're not an accessory, they are legally required to be fitted. Perhaps there's a reason for that.

This can be dangerous as you can dazzle drivers on the other side.

I'm not sure if it is just me, but I have huge problems seeing at ngiht when there is an on-coming car even without high beam. For a couple of seconds, I cannot see at all. I even use tricks such as looking to the other side of the road to use peripheral vision to see, but it doesn't help.

Not exactly: on a motorway someone may approach you at higher speed*, therefore in foggy conditions you should turn it on exactly when you have nobody behind, otherwise they will notice your presence later.

When you are reached by a car you may then decide to turn it off, if you are reasonably sure that your normal red lights are now well visible by them.

In fog conditions it is not uncommon for people to form small convoys, as it is much easier to have some red light in front of you as reference; in this case if the fog is not too thick the red fog light may just annoy the drivers behind you with a bright red halo. Use your judgement here, it depends a lot on the actual conditions and distances.

* when you're driving 40 km/h in the fog it's very easy for anything to be "higher speed"...

This is where I grew up and learned to drive... you would be (negatively) surprised by the speed maintained where people are used to the fog...

One of the few nice aspects of driving in that climate was going home in the countryside at 4 am in the middle of the morning fog/mist and suddenly finding yourself on an overpass which has no fog at the top... and there you see the dawn...

Automatic and directional high beams are awesome.

Cars on the other direction of the highway are protected by the center barrier, no worry at all. I did worry about trucks and buses but I do understand now the use of those 2 lights above the cabin. The camera in the car detects those lights and lower the beams for oncoming trucks and buses.

On smaller roads, auto high beams work well too. Even with oncoming traffic, a bit of light is always directed to the right, outside of the road. Almost like a “deer detector”.

About those damned bright headlights on other cars…

PS. if the fog light in the car ahead is too bright, you’re driving too close to the car in front

Especially if you need to slow down or stop because of slow traffic ahead.

People have said there's not much fog here but it depends on where you live. Aargau can have really thick fog.

In the UK it was much worse.