Freelance work on student permit B while waiting for workers permit B (non-EU)


I've been browsing the posts on student permit B switching for non-EU citizens, and was unable to find a similar case to mine, so wanted to ask here.

I'm a non-EU citizen who came on a student B-permit, worked 2 years on it as a postdoc, and decided to leave academia. I've found a new job, and my future employer is going through the necessary steps to apply for me to get a worker's B permit.

There are some urgent projects that I would be an asset for in the 2-4 months it will take for my worker's permit to be processed, but according to the regulations on student B permits (which I currently have), I cannot work >15 hours/week (despite having worked full time as a postdoc).

My questions are:

a) With my current permit, could my future employer legally employ me at 15h/week until my worker's permit comes in?

b) If I register as an independent business in my country of origin, could my employer hire me as a contract worker while I reside in Switzerland on my current permit?

Currently looking into this on my end, and want to make sure I stay within the rules. Any thoughts or similar experiences would be helpful, thanks!

a) probably answered somewhere on the forum but can ́t remember.

b) No, not possible

Your employer likely knows the rules. Follow their guidance.

To question a; you cannot work until you get your next work permit. Your current permit likely has something like Ausbildung mit Erwerbstätigkeit, bit since youre no longer doing your Ausbildung you also cannot work. It would be same if you were doing your masters, you could work your 15 hours but only with your institutional permission. Since you don't have that, you cannot work.