French Fide Exam B1/A2 - Oral Questions


Did anyone recently pass their Fide French Oral Exam B1 or A2?

I am looking for what kind of oral questions they will ask so I can have some practice to prepare for it.

Or does anyone have any free practice material also?

Thank you in advance.

Hi. I haven't done it in French, but I did a FIDE exam in German last year, and I imagine the exam structure is somewhat similar across the languages.

For mine, the oral part was very random, which is obviously the point because it's testing the breadth of your knowledge. For example, firstly I was given a picture and asked to describe what was happening in the picture (I think it was a person running to catch a bus which was pulling away). Next, I was asked about the healthcare system in Switzerland, and instructed to talk about how some people prefer pharmaceutical medication versus those who prefer natural / homeopathic remedies.

Like I said, VERY random topics, but certainly a clever way to test what my oral skills are actually like. I personally really liked the FIDE method - you can't really 'prepare' for it by swotting up on the specific topics you think they'll ask about. You simply have to do the work, build your skills, and do your best.

By the way, the good thing about FIDE is that it is not a case of 'pass' or 'fail' - they will give you a grade which places you in A1, A2 or B1, depending on the skills you exhibit.

I hope some of this is helpful. Good luck!

Hi! I will be preparing for the exam too this year, I’ve found this:…ques/scenarios

I did the FIDE this year, I've managed to pass it with B1/B1 and I basically never speak French because I work in English and speak Italian at home.

The test is not very hard, if you do a 3 months course on A2-B1 level you should be set.