French supermarkets don't sell fresh milk?

Title. We stopped at an Aldi and a LeClerc yesterday on the way back to Switzerland and neither had any fresh milk for sale, only UHT. Do they not sell fresh milk at all?

The topic should be "Aldi and a LeClerc supermarkets don't sell fresh milk?" don't you think.

We also had difficulties finding fresh milk in France last summer. We tried Intermarché, SuperU, Lidl and Spar. Sometimes we were lucky to find a tiny stock at the large SuperU. All of the supermarkets had loads of UHT.

Yeah, that’s what we found, loads and loads of UHT, but fresh milk - forget it.

Just curious, any problem with Swiss milk? We've never experienced shortage of excellent, fresh milk in Coop.

They do sell it but not much so it’s not always easy to find.

It’s in bottles and usually in the fridges with the yoghurts etc.

We’ve always managed to find it in the supermarkets when on holiday in France although I don’t think we tried Aldi.

When I arrived, over 30 years ago, I didn’t like the taste of UHT milk. Now I can’t tell the difference. Could be age, could be they’ve improved the process.

But we drink so little milk. We usually have some in the fridge, but only because one of our English friends insists on milk in her tea and she despises UHT. We don’t tell her and she doesn’t complain.

Not at all. It’s just we were on our way back from the UK and wanted to pick up a bit of fresh milk because we didn’t have any in the house as we were away for 3 and a bit weeks. Did bring a little back from the UK, but not enough to tide us over to our usual Friday food shop so just wanted to get another couple of liters to tide us over so we didn’t have to go out today for it. By the time we crossed the French/Swiss border the Swiss shops were shut so couldn’t pick any up.

This is strange, I never had problem finding fresh milk in any shop in France.

Me neither.

Hope you realise you broke several Brexit-related laws in bringing milk across the channel and into the EU?!

French supermarkets and all the larger service station shops along the motorways sell fresh milk, it's in the cool cabinets in plastic bottles.

In case you get stuck again there are two Coop Pronto garage shops very near you, one in Avenches and another in Belfaux which are open until 9 or 10pm and both sell groceries such as milk.

Yes, OP is posting on a public forum to get advice on how to better create a multi-billion milk smuggling scheme from the UK into CH

Yes, we know, but hubby does like his milk to drink on the journey.

Didn’t think of the Pronto shops, thanks for the suggestion.