Full-stack developer looking for a job

Hello all. I’m in Swiss and looking for a job


If you add a tiny amount of information people may be able to help you.

Things like, what area, what level, what education/training do you have, what languages do you speak??

Also do you already have a Swiss permit to live/work here? If not, what’s your nationality?


And it is called Switzerland, FFS.

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Now, now Komsomolez, be nice!

I resisted my initial insticts and provided 100+ jobs. I deserve a cookie.

Might as well get used to it. “.swiss” is a domain name, and was even suggested as a potential domain for this little site. It’s a losing battle to try and correct people.

But here’s your cookie for the effort. :slight_smile:

We have TIS, we have you’ve been Switzerlanded, and now we have you’ve been EF’d.

(Sorry, OP, inside joke.)

And OP never came back here to clarify what he/she is looking for. OH well… can´t be that important then?

You see. We might as well have groaned and tarred and feathered them.

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Hi, you can’t normally do it over a forum and even if there was a potential employer among forum members, there’s way too little info in your post, it’s a bit strange to see such a thread coming from a rather rational/logical person?

For salaries & some companies try https://swissdevjobs.ch/
Your best friend is LinkedIn though.
In Romandy jobup.ch has some significance but not too much.

Many people find only their first job via cold applying as the market is tough and therefore often connection based…

This post would be fine as an introduction of a new member, but here it doesn’t sound like from someone who is capable of doing such work (OP, what did you expect? That you’d get a lot of inquiries from potential employers desperate to find a full-stack developer?)

OP to be fair, your post brings a picture like this in my mind HtmlForFood - APIDesign

If you’re serious, post what you’re looking for and your resume, and/or ask specific questions what help you’re looking for from the forum.

Maybe he already got a job after his post after geting a lot of inquiries from potential employers desperate to find a full-stack developer! :wink:

Are we sure this isn’t a Local troll