Galaxus vs. Lyca to provide fast Internet access and unlimited data as hotspot

Hi, I am looking for a mobile provider to keep my current cellphone number in about a month(porting a mobile number). I don’t have Internet access at home and always used my cellphone as hotspot for my laptop. I searched with Comparis, here are my criteria:

No minmum contract duraction
Unlimited data CH
Unlimited calls CH (not very important as I don’t make too many calls)
Limited data EU (not very important, only when I go to EU it’s helpful)
5G network (to have a smooth Youtube HD experience )
Netowrk of Swisscom or Sunrise

The cheapest option Comparis gives is Galaxus Mobile with CHF 19.00 per month.

Then I have seen this deal with Lyca

I am not sure what “Unlimited internet (100 GB high-speed with 5G)” means, does it mean that from the 101GB it will be in 4G?

which mobile plan do you recommend among these 2? or you recommend yet another provider?

PS: I already compared the price aspect: Lyca is cheaper if we stay up to 13 months, from the 14th month Galaxy plan will be cheaper.

Lycamobile don't allow tethering/hotspot, but their deals are good.

If your outside Switzerland requirements are few, you may want to consider an eSIM company for when you are out of the country...

Galaxus is Sunrise. Have heard that their coverage is not as good as the other 2. Used em once eons ago and was not so impressed. Went back to Salt and have been with em since. Hotspot utilization with em has been no problem.

I am using Digital Republic for Internet. They are on the Sunrise network. Their model is pay-as-you-go (by the month), but they offer a rebate for a full year commitment. Service terms are very flexible. It is possible to activate/deactivate the service or change the service speed at any time through the online service portal. A Sim card (or e-sim) is free and comes with 1 month of free trial service. Once the free trial month is over it is up to the customer to decide whether the service should continue.

Look at Yallo, Top Europe is 29.90 at the moment.

For data in Europe and the US an e-sim data package could be a flexible option. MobiMatter are for example selling 35GB for 40 USD. The package is valid for 365 days.

Thanks, then I have to skip Lyca, my whole point is to have hotspot... no I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and until 2022 it doesn't allow Esim.

Thanks! looks interesting, what's the pros and cons compared to the Galaxus 19 CHF plan if I may ask?

thanks! I was with Yallo and their mobile plan was fine. but why would I pay 30 CHF if I can have with Galaxus for 19 CHF? am I missing anything?

The general terms of business of Galaxus mobile state that they don't support the use in stationary routers and hotspots. The hotspot function is only made available for personal mobile use. They reserve the right to terminate the contract if they detect stationary hotspot use.

Digital Republic explicitly allow hotspot use.

E-sim can also be used in Android phones that don't come with built-in e-sim function. An adapter card from will take care of that. I have been using one for 8 months now.

Thanks a lot for the useful info!

How do they define "stationary hotspot"? I generally use it as hotspot 8-15 hours per day, I would turn it off when I sleep or go out.

I used Yallo like this and never had problem. Do you know if Yallo also doesn't allow "stationary hotspot"?

If I remember correctly, back in the days Galaxus data access was a white label from Digital Republic, conrad also did the same.

Moreover, digital republic offers a free first month to try, no catch as no payment information is required. If reception strengh is not optimal in your flat, no stress to cancel the contract, which is perfect.

Thanks a lot, I want to keep my current cellphone number, the mobile contract is between my current employer and Swisscom, can anyone share their experience with Digital Republic with this scenario?

BTW I have found this link…umber-with-me-

Wingo's current deal is not bad, if you want to go with Swisscom.

25chf/mo for unlimited CH + 2GB EU

5chf/mo for 5G option (instead of 10chf)

But you don't really need 5G for smooth YouTube HD. I'm getting 120Mbps down, 320Mbps up on 4G, and about double that on 5G. Prices are higher than the ones mentioned here, but I prefer to pay more to be with Swisscom.

This offer is only valid for use in mobile handsets.

Providers have various ways to detect hotspot use. With hotspot use I mean use in a dedicated hotspot device, not a phone.

This can be done for example by checking the TTL values on data packets. This gets ‘nerdy’, but some mobile hotspot manufacturers even provide information how TTL can be modified to avoid hotspot detection…

That's how it would work. BTW, if you don't use voice calls very often, you may also opt for perhaps a prepaid card for voice calls (Coop mobile would come to mind) and an e-sim for data. When you go abroad, simply swap the e-sim profile from Digital Republic to a roaming data e-sim.

They have special sim plans for routers, Yallo Go. I have Yallo Go Max for 19 chf. 5G with possible speed de-prioritization after 500GB in a month, but I never noticed this, in fact looking at my hiostry I exceeded the 500GB only 2 times so far

TIP: once you are a yallo customer you'll see sometimes better offers in the app than new clients. They do really nice (lifetime) promotions every few months.

thanks a lot for your help. maybe I didn't express myself well, I am looking for a mobile plan for my cellphone/mobile phone , and I will use the phone to turn on hotspot, no intnetion to use dedicated hotspot device.

so can I choose Galaxus 19 CHF mobile plan without problem of "use in stationary routers and hotspots."?

sounds complicated, I just need a one-stop solution.

Thanks, I never understand why people living by herself need sim plans for routers if they can simply use their cellphone for hotspot, I guess is they need the Internet access to be connected even they are out with their phone