German B1 Telc

Anyone with experience of the German Telc exams? Here it gives an outline of the test:…lc-deutsch-b1/

It seems to be divided between Written and spoken sections, but does anyone know how this is graded? e.g. do you get one grade for everything together, or do you get one for reading, one for writing, one for speaking, one for listening?

If divided another way, do you know what the weightings of the grades are? e.g. in the fide tests, I read that you get a grade for reading/writing combined and speaking/listening combined, but that the spoken and writing is weighted 67% compared to reading/listening at 33%.

I have no idea but ChatGPT says:

ChatGPT can’t do maths it seems. Those total to 230 not 300.

Written is 225, 75 for reading comprehension, 30 for language building blocks, 75 for listening comprehension, 45 for the written exercise. Spoken part is 75, 15 for basically saying hello my name is... 30 for discussion of a topic, 30 for a dual task ie talking with another candidate.

Thanks. With your numbers I was able to google and found this:…ungstest_1.pdf

And saw that the passing grade is 60%.

I haven’t read through the document yet, but it seems to give quite a lot of information. I’ll read further tonight.

It seems that if you fail one part of the exam, you have the remainder of the calendar year to re-take the other part to try to pass it. So I guess I can learn over Christmas and then take the exam early next year to give me more chances to pass if I fail it first time

I did Telc for my A2 and SDS for later stages. SDS gets my vote every time...

Next day results - actually sent via post within 2 days but if you email them the next day they will reply with a pdf. Telc was at least several weeks' wait for the postal certificate, I think more than a month from memory.

One test for all levels - the SDS test starts the same for everyone and gets harder until you fail, so if you're A2 for speaking/listening and B1 for reading/writing you get each grade separately. Telc was pass vs. fail at a specific level so if, for example, your speaking/listening is A2 while reading/writing is B1 it could result in an overall fail whereas with SDS you would still get something. For the passport application that's all that was required

Thanks. SDS exam seems shorter too!

And easier I think too - I got a grade higher than I was expecting...if you learn the standard stuff I think you might be pleasantly surprised - eg

- letter/email intros and signoffs for formal and informal situations

- can't make an appointment because of ...., propose a new date and time, etc

- tell me about yourself, why want to learn German,...

- comparing two options - eg picture 1 shows...., in my opinion option A is better because....

Good luck!