Good morning from another Cheese Land

Hi everyone, Cheesy greetings from NL!


Hi Grumpy!

I spent many summers in the Netherlands when I was a child.
It may sound a bit sad but I used to love that Dutch cheese with the caraway seeds in!

Hi Tom!

It’s a tradition and has it’s place, personally I don’t like cheese with added flavour, but it’s much better than the UK flavoured cheeses.

Hello Grumpy. I’m looking forward to sampling cheeses at your old place at the Viadukt.

Anyone else going to the EF last pissup? Well first and last for me.

Tue 20 Feb 18h-? At the Viadukt Zurich.

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I‘m going and I know several others as well.

Next time on of your cheese tours in the Netherlands?

PS Grumpy, cheese with sambal is great!

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Glad to have you here, Grumpy. Hope all is going well in NL! :slight_smile:

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I’ll look forward to that!

All going well Phil!, thanks

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