Have you been burgled recently?

From WRS this morning.

Police in canton Thurgau have launched an appeal to anyone who’s had jewellery and watches stolen.

Back in January a car was stopped at a border post heading into Germany. After a search, police found a haul of jewellery - in all more than 300 items.

Some have already been linked to burglaries – but many more remain unidentified.

Thurgau cantonal police have opened a website with all the items on display and are asking anyone who may recognise anything to get in touch.

Perhaps a Thurideutsch speaker could help with a link?


The website with necklaces, earrings, watches, etc Abgleich sichergestellte Gegenstände


Some years ago I had a friend who had a knife confiscated in Kloten Airport. On his return he asked for his knife back. Seems they had no records so took him to a confiscated knife paradise room and said help yourself