Health insurance obligation

After how many months per year of living in Switzerland one is obliged to have a permit and health insurance?

E.g., if living in total (not necessarily in a row) 6 months per year, every year, in Switzerland, do you need to have a Swiss health insurance?

Health insurance is compulsory and you have to register within 3 months of arriving in Switzerland.

There are special rules for cross border commuters and those who have non-Swiss employers.

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Are you coming to visit someone or working in CH?

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@Buzzer_was_kri my wife is planning to live 6 months per year in Switzerland with me and 6 months abroad. So I wonder if we will need the keep the health insurance or not.

It’s complicated…

She cannot have health insurance here unless she is resident here.

What nationality is she?

She might need some travel insurance but many of them have max days abroad attached to them or max coverage which would be quickly reached in a Swiss Hospital.

@Buzzer she has EU passport and she lived here already since many years but now she will need to take care her parents and that’s why she will frequently travel abroad and she will spend 50% of the time outside of Switzerland and 50% here.

Ok so if she is a Swiss resident and she is maintaining that residence then she will need to pay health insurance and check with the Swiss health insurance for coverage when travelling abroad.

She can only give up her health insurance if she gives up her residence permit, and has a home and health cover elsewhere, in that situation she could visit you as a tourist for up to 3 months.