Help w Morning Bellevue Traffic Patterns for Health Visits?

Can anyone advise the best time in the morning to drive across the Bellevue Bridge from Enge to Hirslanden and then back again?

For health reasons, I must be driven to the big Hirslanden Hospital (Witellikerstr) from Enge every morning for 6 weeks for a repeating 30 minute treatment. (Yippee!!)

I can’t take public transport because I am too fatigued.

I do have some control over when I book my appts. I would like to make these appts 8am first thing so I get in and out and have some semblance of a life, rather than midday - taking up the much of the whole day, every day with delays, etc.

However, I fear I will sit long time in morning commuter traffic going from Enge across the bridge (then will probably be fine along seestrasse/seefeld towards Hirslanden) and then even worse after the appointment, will sit in commuter traffic along seefeld/seetrasse going back into ZH across the bridge.

Yesterday at 9.30, it took me 45 minutes to get from seefeld across the bridge back to enge.

There is currently construction along seestrasse in seefeld which moves but doesn’t help. Have thought about seestrasse v road that goes into later Forchbahn. Have thought about going up and over old town and down across near HB. Or just throwing my hands up and sitting in traffic with great podcasts and eating breakfast int he car.

Very much appreciate any thoughts, observations, ideas.

Why not take a taxi and ask the taxi driver? If you are too tired to take public transport, maybe you shouldn´t drive yourself either?

And at that time of the day, it is always always busy.

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I’m pretty sure IV will cover the taxi cost… if I remember correctly, when I had radiation in 2011, they would have paid for taxi service. Good luck with your treatment. To be honest, you’ll probably encounter less traffic around 10:30. And still have time for a life.
Good luck.

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They did say they have to be driven to the appointments so I assumed that to mean that they weren’t actually driving themselves.

You´re right, I didn´t read that properly.

Thanks everyone for their thoughts and support.

More specifically, wondering if anyone else sits in this traffic and knows when it lets up going from Enge to Seefeld and going back from Seefeld to Enge ??

Or if they have found any better routes?

I cross that a couple of times a week from Wiedikon to Seefeld and I would say before 7:30 and after 9 is best. If they are doing roadworks it can indeed be slower and one time also took me 45 mins but typically it’s about 20.

Like others have said I would book the appointment for 10:00 to 11:00. Allows for a slow start and still plenty of time after.

All the best for your treatment :heart:

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Thanks. Big Help !!