High quality meal service recommendations in Zurich


We are looking for a high quality meal service to order dinners 5 days a week for me and my wife.

We would prefer the following characterstics:

1) food is fresh, tasty and calorie counts are available.

2) Some diet options like low carbs etc are available.

3) Not super expensive

Does anyone have recommendations of services that they have used on a regular basis?

I know a couple of families that have a sub with Hello Fresh , and seem happy with the quality and cost.

Do you want to cook them yourselves or have meals already cooked delivered to you?

Well if you are price sensitive, there probably will not be too many options... Ask around most communities have one or two restaurants that do the "meals on wheels" for the old folks and incapacitated. And these are usually happy to have extra customers if you happen to be on one of their routes. Prices should be OK, food quality OK, but probably limited options if any.

We know about hellofresh and use it every now and then.

But we are looking for something which doesn't require cooking.

We are not that price sensitive, but definitely not exorbitant.

Is there a reason for not cooking, i.e. time poor?

Ask your friendly neighbourhood restaurant? At the italian restaurant nearby I can order for multiple days.