Home Automation in Switzerland

I’d like to start a thread to share information and experience on the use of Home Assistant (Smart Home platform) specific to Switzerland, as well as perhaps other platforms and technology.

For those who don’t know, Home Assistant is an open source platform/hub that is compatible with many IoT devices and technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Matter. It allows consolidation into a single app and programming options are practically endless. It does require decent PC and networking knowledge, and simple coding skills also help (but not necessary).

I’ve been using Smart Home for around 9 months now and it’s been an interesting and positive learning curve. For example, I used lights, switches and sensors from at least 5 different suppliers and they all work seamlessly together in HA. I have also integrated my Nuki door lock and Unify cameras.

The idea of a thread here is that Switzerland does offer some challenges. For example, there are few CH-specific smart plugs (Philips so far is the best, but pricey). Also sharing programming ideas and cool custom integrations at a CH-level would be helpful to those interested.


I was going to copy over the old Home Automation thread but never got the chance and a lot of it was out of date anyway.

Just a thought but wouldn’t it be better to just have one home automation thread rather than a specific Home Assistant one?

Most of the technologies are used over several platforms and the electrical/wiring/range problems are the same for all.

It’s like having a separate Tesla thread!