Home Internet in Freienbach


I'm soon moving to Freienbach SZ. What options are there for house internet? I checked Salt Fiber, but they don't serve there. I checked EWH, and it seems expensive for 100Mbps (around 80 CHF).

Any recommendation?

If your apartment in Freienbach is fitted with glass fiber, you can go for for Salt.

They cost CHF 49 per month (less 10 if your cell is also with them) for TV, fixed telephone and up to 1gb internet speed.

I regularly test at 600-700 mb/s.

other option is EW Höfner at excess of CHF per month.

Am very happy with Salt (in Freienbach)

My unit was retrofitted with the glass fibre connection approx 5 years ago.

Before that I used upc cablecom (> CHF 100 per month)