How heavy is your doo doo?

There’s a competition for everything: In the below link, you can watch contestants and spectators being interviewed at a Preisgegle competition, which literally translated means Prize Doo Doo. Yup, the person with the heaviest poop wins a cowbell.

By the way, you’re going to hear some REAL traditional Swiss German in the video. Good luck understanding!^

Here’s a link to the ad that was used. The video takes us to an alphut in the nearby mountains. Even Swiss Tourism could use it.…RlODBiNWFlZA==

367 grams ?! amateurs!

The technorama in Winti has a restroom toilet where your poo is weighed. I think it’s on the ground floor.

So they're taking no risks, then...

And it's not even Friday.


See now, this is why other cultures think the Swiss are weird.

I know Switzerland isn't the most exciting country in the world... but holy sh**.

Pun intended.

It sounds like a load of bull shit to me.

You may groan but I know people who took part and they are usually quite normal.

How do they control cheaters?

This participant used doping and didn’t make it.…74366684590465

LOL, I do find this hard to believe. Each to their own, I suppose

There are a few people on here with a good chance of winning the contest. After all, they're full of s**t.

Xray them for lead weights? Nothing stopping someone from putting a few sinkers up their stinkers.

Read today about a plane that had to return to departure point due to the very reason!

Today's news! A transatlantic flight in the US has had to turn back due to a rather crappy situation.

Delta Air Lines Flight 194 was two hours into an eight-hour journey to Barcelona, Spain when the pilot had to inform air traffic control that a “biohazard” incident had occurred onboard.

“We've had a passenger who's had diarrhoea all the way through the airplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta,” the pilot was heard in a recording shared on X, formerly Twitter.

Quite regular i imagine.

Gives a whole new slant on "Snakes on a plane"

Is it all about quantity, what about quality? Would there also be a prize for the most offensive odour?

That made me snort.

Every time I see this thread title, I end up giggling to myself at the thought of someone coming to the EF for the first time and coming across this thread title.

It comes off as a legitimate question.