How to convert Optometrist qualification from UK

Hi All,

Me and my wife are British Nationals that came to Zurich Switzerland prior to Brexit. We initially came via my job in Switzerland, however my wife wants to resume the career she left off in UK as an optometrist. I have some questions if anyone has information or been through the same process:

1. How to get the optometrist qualifications attested in Zurich?

2. what does a UK Optometrist qualification (3 years bachelors degree plus 1 year pre reg) equate to in Zurich?

3. what is the average salary?

4. is there a German language test required prior to working/converting the qualification?

Many Thanks.

She needs to contact the Swiss Red Cross, they look after that.…ischer-diplome

And she’ll definitely need to show proficiency in the language.

You can find some answers here…ountry=unknown

and here are some jobs going…26_KO12,23.htm

you could contact a couple and ask them what their language requirements would be

average salary…n-switzerland/

I know nothing about optometrists and can’t therefore vouch for any of this information. I just googled this stuff out of boredom.

Those salaries seem very, very inflated to me. No way is the lowest annual salary of an optometrist in Switzerland 130400 CHF or average of 267900 CHF (which is 100k more than an MD with 5-8 years of experience, see here:…te_ab_2023.pdf ).

This website lists a starting salary of 4000-4200 CHF after finishing the apprenticeship, with a few years of experience salaries range from 6000 to 7000 CHF. There is also Bachelor’s in optometry from Fachhochschule (FHNW), but I’m not sure how that would influence the salary.

Some useful info in this thread: What is the role of “optician” in CH?