How to facilitate remote work for an EU company with a family reunification B permit?

I am planning a relocation to Switzerland. I would hold a B permit, and my wife will have a family reunification B permit (I assume). We are not residents of the EU. My wife works as a contractor/freelancer software engineer for an EU company. She has a business entity (like a single-person company) registered in our home country and pays taxes there correspondingly.

Now we are thinking about how we can handle this once we move to Switzerland. She doesn't want to leave her job, and her company does not care where she is located.

Any ideas on how she can handle this in a legal way? I would appreciate any recommendations.

She will need to change her tax address to the one where she will be living for 183+ days a year, so to Switzerland.

She can keep her current clients, but she will need to pay taxes according to the swiss law.