How to find domestic help in Zurich

Hello everyone,

I am looking for domestic help to do some regular cleaning in my apartment (once per week, 3hrs, 8044 Zurich).

I would like to avoid companies such as batmaid, and either find a self-employed person, or do a regular contract myself.

Do you have suggestions on where I can find someone? Maybe some Facebook groups? Or do you have someone to recommend? Thank you!

post a notice in your local store, the all have an area to hang up such notices. see if someone advertised there already for such services. check your local quartier newspaper. ask your neighbors. many options

Notice board at your nearest Coop or Migros. Anyone you find there likely to be local. Be careful with anyone not declared.

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One thing that keeps me from hiring someone on my own and continuing to use batmaid is that in the first case when a cleaner is sick or unable to work you still have to cover their salary.

It is likely that my understanding is wrong, but it happened to me many times that a batmaid cleaner canceled cleaning last minute and I had to either cancel this particular cleaning or ask for a replacement (last minute replacements were often unavailable)

That doesn’t sound right. Your contract is with batmaid, not the cleaner. If they are unable to meet their side of the deal you shouldn’t have to pay. Have a look at the contract.

We are with another agency and thats exactly how it works. In the worst case do I get a call with "Sorry, she is sick and I couldnt find a backup... we'll come next week again". I never ever pay for a service not delivered.

The AOZ Asylum Organisation of Zurich offers a service to mix and match employers and employees.…rmittlung.html

This other service, run by a social sercie called OJA (Offene Jugend-Arbeit), helps young people to enter the job market.

Both organsiations provide some sort of filter for candidates and employers, ensure that both are living in Switzerland legally, and then ensure that the contract is done properly, and so on.

There’s also the RAV (organisation for the unemployed), but it is aimed and employers that are companies, as opposed to private persons. Moreover, if an employer does register there, the ad must go online with your full contact details, which opens the employer to dozens of pseudo-applications from people who don’t actually want the job but are merely trying to fulfil their obligatory job-search quota.

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