How to hold ASX-listed shares in Switzerland

I will shortly be inheriting a significant quantity of shares in an Australian bank (ASX-listed) and, because I am neither a resident or tax-resident of Australia, I wish to hold them here in Switzerland. I don’t wish to sell them as they are appreciating and the dividend income is quite good, and would be subject to capital gains tax if sold in Australia.

Can anyone recommend the best institution or account to hold them in? I don’t wish to use IB as I have heard horror stories about trying to withdraw large sums should the need ever arise.

FWIW, I’ve held ASX listed shares in IB and never had issues taking money out of there (I took house deposit out of my IBKR account).

Okay. But I am in a bit of a catch-22 relating to a compliance question from IBKR…as I work for a financial institution they expect my compliance dept to give the okay. My compliance refuses to do this as they consider it none of their business as I comply with the internal self-reporting. I am just concerned IBKR may refuse a withdrawal if the compliance return is not complete.

Do you have a link to the form or what question it is asking you? Can you simply forward the email that they don’t care?

Below is the requested return. I am just conscious how mechanical IBKR could be. It may be better just to declare not working for a finance firm, I doubt it would ever be questioned for simple shares.

Dear xxxxx AG Compliance Officer:
Litespeed wishes to establish an account with Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited. In order to proceed we must receive an e-mail from you in the following form:
Subject : Employee Account Authorization
Body :
Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited is authorized to establish and maintain an account for Litespeed. xxxxxxx AG agrees to accept daily confirmations and monthly statements by e-mail to ______________________________ (email address of your organization)

Maybe if compliance doesn’t care, you can get them to agree it is not necessary and the notifications will be sent to you. And then you can send it with your email address.

I have mine with Swissquote. Not an issue but they send documents such as making choices on dividends reinvestment etc super late so you need to be on the ball for that.

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